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Experience Hervey Bay at Its Finest

Hervey Bay indeed offers a number of things to do such as year round sailing, swimming, diving, fishing and water sports. Sure, a day in this memorable place will never be dull. So if you’re planning to visit, then here are the top tourist attractions you need to visit.

1. Roy Rufus Artificial Reef Dive Site

Roy Rufus is the largest artificial reef in the southern hemisphere. It was created in 1968 by using the sinking old sea vessels, car bodies and concrete blocks. Located at the off coast between Hervey Bay and Fraser Island, this reef is a dwelling place for fishes.

If you’re planning to go here, then you will get a chance to see masses of coral trout, scorpion fish, king fish and gropers that gather near the wreckage. In addition to that, you will also have the chance to observe other marine life like sea snakes, wobbegongs, turtles and sometimes, dugong. Check out this website.

2. Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere

It’s time to be inspired by the uniqueness of Fraser Island while exploring the world of humpback whales at the Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere in Hervey Bay. Be fascinated with the interactive displays and interpretive panels that showcase the remarkable beauty and diversity of Great Sandy Biosphere.

11233674244(01-18-11-23-58).jpgThe centre highlights their full sized procreation of a whale skeleton and an immersive “underwater encounter” with humpback whales. They also let their visitors take part in a theatrical experience that makes them see a world beyond the extraordinary imagery of Great Sandy Strait and Fraser Island.

3. M & K Model Railways

M & K Model Railways guarantees that all young ones and even those young at hearts will be delighted with their activities. You’ll surely enjoy your mini-travel as you pass by the replica of German buildings and to the ‘dom’ in Hamburg. You’ll also have the time of your life in their wonderland full of revolving tea cups, ice skating ring, carnival rides, dodgem cars and so much more!

But that’s not all! They have waterfalls, cable cars and windmills to entertain the tourists too. So to make this all experience realistic, they added fire engines, sawmill in operation, a cuckoo bird calling and church bells.

4. Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum

Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum showcases 21 historical building that houses over 12,000 exhibits all the way from Fraser Coast and Wide Bay area. Their displays include the Goodwood Railway Station, fully-furnished slab cottage built in 1898, horse drawn buggies shed and cane harvesting machinery.

This village comes alive every Sunday when volunteers would dress up in period clothes and re-enact old time crafts. This is such an advantage as you get to see a blacksmith making a horseshoe and partake in treadling a 100 year old wood lathe. To make your journey worthwhile, you will have the chance to create your very own wooden goblet.

5. Whale Watching

Of course, whale watching in Hervey Bay, Australia should be on top of your list. As said earlier, this tourist destination is popular for being the playground of these majestic creatures from mid July to early November. This place provides a calm habitat that’s safe for the whales. For that, they’re able to put on breathtaking shows for their admirers.

To celebrate the return of these creatures each year, Hervey Bay arranges a Whale Festival. This festivity includes an illuminated procession of floats, aquatic carnival and the Blessing of the Fleet. Be sure you book your travel on within the months stated above to fully enjoy the whole experience.

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Putting Your Bumper Cars On The Market: What To Know

Are you presently thinking about selling your bumper cars? Whether you are looking to upgrade your current fleet or want to close your business entirely, selling your bumper cars can help you buy them to someone that will certainly appreciate them and all the enjoyment connected with driving them around, bumping into other cars. Should you be ready to place your bumper cars up for sale, keep reading to learn ways to make the transaction a pleasant one.

To begin with, take inventory of your bumper cars. It is important to know not just just how many bumper cars you may have, but additionally all of the relevant information regarding them. It may possibly help to begin or use a spreadsheet with all the current information possible about each individual car. It really is helpful to be aware of voltage from the battery, the shape, the dimensions, color, as well as additional information you may have about each individual car. The better you know, the simpler it will likely be that you should sell the cars if you are ready.

Next, for you to do an inspection of each and every car your inflatables need to sell. Whilst the bumper car could possibly have worked for you a little while back, it is advisable to make sure that each car you plan on selling is in good working order, or if perhaps not, you should note any issues it may well have on your spreadsheet. Inspect the cars for mechanical defects, along with almost every other defects the car may have. By sharing by far the most updated information about each car, the potential buyer can take advantage informed decision and know precisely what they are purchasing.

Next, you can start to choose how you wish to list your bumper cars for sale. Do you wish to sell them locally? If you have, what is the niche for that type of thing? Or do you need to list your bumper cars online for the much broader audience to discover? Where you live as well as the demographics of the population in your town is one thing to think about when deciding how you plan on listing your cars.

Research all possible selling venues. When you decide where you can sell your cars, whether locally or online, seek information that will help you choose which venue or venues will probably be good for you as well as your situation. While there are actually a number of options, not every them work with every body. Finding what will work best for you, your bumper cars, as well as your audience will allow you to sell them for profit possible.

Whenever you decide the way to sell them, after that you can list them and spread the saying regarding the stuff you have on the market. The greater people know about your bumper cars available for purchase, the greater your chances are going to sell them quickly.

Selling your bumper cars can be something you can do to improve your equipment, make profit, or when you are deciding to get out of the bumper car business.