Walt Disney World – It’s Just a Theme Park Right?

Walt Disney World ranks as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, so it’s quite surprising that many people think that it’s just a theme park. If you are comparing Walt Disney World to Six Flags then you would be forgiven for wondering why people spend thousands of dollars to spend their vacation time there. But of course the Walt Disney World Resort is so much more than just a theme park!

The Resort itself encompasses a massive 43 square miles, that means it’s twice the size of Manhattan Island! Once you pass through the gates onto Disney property you’ll find the four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But that’s not all. You’ll also find two water parks, a shopping village, a movie theatre, a sports complex, several golf courses, more than 100 restaurants, hotels, a campground, four lakes, four-lane highways, an elevated monorail system and a network of canals. Still think it’s just a theme park? Check out this link to find different types of kiddie carousel merry go round costs.

The Theme Parks

QQ图片20160426173839The Magic Kingdom – the cause of the confusion is that when most people think of Walt Disney World they picture The Magic Kingdom. This park features the iconic Cinderella Castle as well as Disney characters, attractions, rides and shows. It was the first park to be built in the Resort and is sub-divided into seven lands. When you enter the Park you find yourself on Main Street USA and from here you can access Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Mickey’s Toontown Fair. The Magic Kingdom is loved by children and adults alike and could be considered as the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort. For the ultimate convenience on your vacation three hotels, the Contemporary, Polynesian and Grand Floridian are connected directly to the park entrance by Monorail.

Epcot – this park is twice the size of The Magic Kingdom and was opened back in October 1982. It is divided into two main areas; Future World and World Showcase. The park represents a permanent World’s Fair and visitors will experience pavilions about human creativity and technological advancements as well as the ability to travel the world in an afternoon, experiencing almost a dozen countries and there social and cultural heritages. Disney’s Yacht Club, Boardwalk Inn and Villas Resort and the Beach Club Resort and Villas are all within a five to 15 minute walk of the International Gateway entrance to the park.

outdoor-electric-fiberglass-carousel-manufacturersDisney’s Hollywood Studios – the park opened in 1989 as the Disney-MGM Studios but has recently been renamed. Here visitors immerse themselves in the movies with stunt demonstrations, movie-based attractions and high-tech rides. Movie-buffs will enjoy the backlot tour which takes guests through the working motion-picture and television production facility. This park is connected to the rest of the Resort by highway and canal but not by monorail. Guests staying at the nearby Epcot hotels can walk to the Studios, or arrive by boat. Click this website: WWW.bestonrides.pk to know Beston group.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom – the newest park Walt Disney World; Disney’s Animal Kingdom is more than five times the size of the Magic Kingdom. Animal lovers will be enthralled by the zoological exhibits, live shows and rides. Just like The Magic Kingdom this park features lands which surround a central icon; The Tree of Life, a huge tree hand-carved with hundreds of animals. The theme areas here are Africa, Asia, DinoLand USA and Camp Minnie-Mickey. Africa is the largest theme area with 100 acres of land featuring free-roaming animal herds which guests can tour in open-air safari trucks. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is a short car or bus ride away and give guests the unique ability to watch animals roaming from their balconies.

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